Visit the UK; not just London

When tourists visit the UK, they usually have a set itinerary in mind, and for a huge percentage of the visitors to the UK, they don’t venture out of the city of London. However, as any Brit will tell you, there’s far more to see in this country than

Florence, a city of bridges, palaces and secret passageways

The city of Florence is known for its landscape with beautiful architecture, ancient churches and piazzas filled to the brim with locals. Do you feel like buying the first flight to Florence for some authentic gelato with views towards the Duomo? Admire the Duomo. The most iconic building in

Paris, the city of a thousand landmarks

Have you ever been to Paris? If not, now is the moment to book the first flight out and visit the City of Love. There are many landmarks, monuments, famous museums, restaurant and shops spread around the city. Choose when to visit the city and explore what it has

What To Expect On A Luxury Cruise

Thanks to 21st century technology, securing a perfect holiday has never been easier or more relaxing. In fact, one of the most popular forms of travel can be seen in the bespoke packages that are offered by luxury cruise liners. If you have never experienced such a delight before,

History, shopping and tapas in Madrid

The city of Madrid is located in the center of Spain. This city is filled with historical monuments, ancient squares, shopping streets and tapas bars.   Walk around the city center.   The area around the Puerta de Sol is the historical city center. There are many plazas, squares,

Shop till you drop? My idea of heaven!

Sometimes you just get a little, how can I put it? Tired? Yes, you get tired of the shopping opportunities within your area, and it’s time for a new, fresh canvas. Of course, there’s so many cities within flying distance, it would be a shame not to take advantage

Planning vs. spontaneity – which one to pack for the journey?

When you hear the world ‘itinerary’, you might have a picture of a clipboard appear before your eyes. When you combine the world ‘itinerary’ with the word ‘holiday’, you might run screaming from the room. What happened to spontaneity?   There are some situations in the holiday world that